Performing Industrial Electrical jobs in a highly skilled trade

and requires education and experience to handle the complicated wiring of large equipment. Gulf South Electric has the experience and knowledge to do the job.

Our electricians are highly trained and skilled, and can read blueprints and follow diagrams of circuits and wiring, and use many different hand and diagnostic tools in testing and fixing equipment. GSE works independently or as part of a team.

Our experience with repairing large electrical equipment, like large motors, industrial fans or motor control systems and other intricate industrial equipment can assure you of quality service. Keeping large equipment running efficiently and safe has been appreciated by our clients as testimonials claim.

GSE makes a point of continuing education, learning as much as possible about the manufacturing industry and keeping abreast of current technologies like Robotic equipment.


Gulf South Electric is proficient in…

GSE makes sure that electrical systems are safe and running efficiently, and may have to repair large electrical equipment, like industrial fans, large motors, or control systems.

GSE makes sure that electrical systems are safe and running efficiently, and may have to repair large electrical equipment, like industrial fans, large motors, or control systems.

  • Service Panel upgrades & replacements
  • Motor control
  • Lift Station and Sewerage Treatment Plant electrical repairs and installation
  • Custom designed landscape lighting and area lighting
  • Value Engineering
  • Pool and Hot tub circuits and hook-up
  • 3 phrase installation
  • Conveyor belt power & controls
  • Custom controls
  • Generator installation and hookup
  • Vacancy inspection
  • Temporary pole install
  • Pool lighting and circuits
  • All phases of trouble shooting
  • Emergency and Backup Lighting Systems
  • Motion detection fixture installation
  • Machine operation troubleshooting
  • Water Heater Time Clock installation
  • Appliance and HVAC Circuits
  • Can & Track lighting Installation
  • Sconces, Chandeliers and Ceiling Fixtures
  • Landscape and Terrace Lighting
  • Service Panel Upgrades/Repair/Replacement
  • Kitchen and Bath Renovations
  • Solar Installation & Sales
  • Rewiring
  • Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Installation


Whatever residential needs you want we can do it.IMG_0855

Whatever electrical needs you want we can do it, from something as simple as an RV Park to large complex jobs like an industrial trash compactor system.

GENERATOR SERVICE – GSE can provide complete back-up power systems. From selection to installation, we ensure that the generators installed for our clients are the right type, installed correctly and configured properly to work whenever needed. The generator is placed on a galvanized platform in accordance with ATS installation gridlines assuring quality and safest generator performance.

Portable generators will give you power to the essentials until full power is restored. Small generators as small as 20KW or 1 megawatt to a bank of generators can keep you running and we can configure them to work whenever needed.


Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS)

Lightning strikes as well as other types of electrical disturbances can render home electronics and appliances useless. As today’s households have added an ever growing amount of sensitive electronics, the need for surge protectors is a residential necessity. Replacing computers, dishwashers, refrigerators, television sets and telephones, to name a few can be a very costly problem.

Our qualified professionals at Gulf South Electric, LLC can install a Siemens brand surge suppression system that will protect your home from voltage surges such as a direct or near by lightning strike. The first line of defense is to install a transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) on the main electrical panel where electricity enters the home. Installing a surge TPS9_COAX_TELarrestor at this point will safely divert the electrical current to ground before it can enter the home and cause costly damage. An additional surge suppressor that will protect and minimize damage to televisions and modems can also be installed on the telephone and cable system coming into the house. Protection at the point of entry can virtually eliminate all damage from lightning strikes. However, because voltage can change within the house’s electrical system, it is also recommend that a second line of protection be installed by using a floor strip protector at the location of each electronic device. TVSS will put out an audible, as well as , a visual signal (LED light) to warn the homeowner that a surge has been averted and the unit is in need of inspection or replacement.DSC02873

Siemens Automation offers a warranty on any damaged equipment due to electrical surges (additional information available).

Gulf South Electric & Solar, LLC will supply and install this equipment for you.
Please call today to schedule installation. 985-288-5803.



Gulf South Electric offers a wide variety of electrical services for your
Commercial, Residential,
Solar and Property Management needs.

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